Disko Cowboy and Vinyl Ranch, the brainchildren of Dave Wrangler, are more than just lifestyle brands and parties. In fact, they’re whole universes, ways of going through the world. Founded in 2007, Vinyl Ranch came first. The all-vinyl event was the first of its kind on Planet Texas, and originally featured a lineup that straddled the line between 70s-era Gilley’s honky tonk, and the hedonistic energy of Studio 54.

The first ever Vinyl Ranch party was Wrangler’s birthday celebration, and word spread quickly. After a chance meeting on an airplane with nightlife legend Mickey Gilley, Wrangler reimagined Vinyl Ranch. Two months later, the party became one of the biggest in Houston, the only one of its kind. The lineup shifted in accordance. Wrangler played songs from artists like Dolly Parton, George Strait, and Willie Nelson. Almost instantaneously, Vinyl Ranch became not only a celebration of music, but also of a state of mind, that of the Urban Cowboy.

To get a sense of what an Urban Cowboy is, look no further than Wrangler himself, who is the poster boy of the term. Wrangler grew up in Texas Hill Country, and was immersed in cowboy culture from an early age. His first ever job was hauling hay and tending to a Mexican hairless dog kennel. He spent his formative years listening to hip hop, alternative, and techno while set to a 90s country soundtrack in the family crew cab. “I used to watch MTV and I would do remixes of songs in my head while they were playing in real time but I didn’t quite know what that was called,” says Wrangler of his youth in an interview. Around the same time he got into remix culture, Wrangler also dabbled in DIY aesthetics and the Andy Warhol process. These experiences lead Wrangler to becoming a multidisciplinary artist, the kind of creative whose vision exists in innumerable forms.

Now, Wrangler’s work as Vinyl Ranch and Disko Cowboy is a series of parties as well as a streetwear line and as the curator of the funniest meme account on the Internet. Wrangler has also collaborated with brands like VICE, Wrangler, Bonnaroo, The Super Bowl, Sundance, and more. He’s also opened for artists like Hank Williams Junior and Asleep At The Wheel. As a DJ he’s played events for brands like Tom Ford, John Varatos, and Sony. Disko Cowboy and Vinyl Ranch is something that Wrangler plans on expanding globally. The brands will take over the international market, and Wrangler will bring his signature country music disco event to festivals around the world.

As the founder of the modern Urban Cowboy lifestyle, Wrangler isn’t afraid to make big statements with his art. His streetwear line features t-shirts that reflect his sense of humor and his love for honky tonks, country living, and all things loud and neon. As a DJ, his sets defy genre and convention. A Disko Cowboy set can be almost anything: they slink through 70 dance, country bangers and club classics effortlessly. They’re impossible to not have fun at. The Vinyl Ranch/Disko Cowboy multiverse encourages you to wave your freak flag, to dance, absorb the music, wear a big hat, two-toned boots, gold chains—whatever you need to feel like yourself. Yee motherfucking haw.