Camping Tips from Experienced Hinterlanders

How to camp like a pro and make the most of your weekend in the beautiful Madison County countryside:

1. Four words: shade and air flow. The August sun in Iowa can be a little steamy, so bringing shade canopies to cover your camping area is a worthwhile consideration. Achieve pro-level status by erecting one over your tent so you can change or nap in the daytime without melting. Clipping cloth tapestries to your canopy is a great way to keep a breeze flowing through your space while blocking the sun.

2. Spare a few minutes here and there for comfort and hygiene. It’s not a backpacking trip, so you can bring a few of the creature comforts that help you stay fresh and game for a whole weekend of fun. (Check out our camping pack list for inspiration.)

Take a trip to the shower trailers for a quick refresh, and be sure to take time for tooth-brushing breaks, visits to the hydration stations, and taking care of your basic needs.

3. Stay connected by keeping your devices charged with portable batteries and chargers. It’s a much smoother experience than trekking to the car to charge your phone!

4. Rain or shine, be prepared. Inclement weather can happen, so don’t leave the waterproof tarps, ponchos, and rain boots at home. In case of a downpour, you’ll want to keep your belongings dry by storing them in sealed plastic bags or waterproof containers.

5. Keep in mind that if you’re tent camping in Innerland, Outerland, VIP or Glamping, your car will not be next to your tent. Bringing a wagon for transporting your stuff to and from the campsite is a great move. SAINTS campers, we’ve got staff to help you transport your gear!

Bonus: If you forgot something at home, swing into the Dollar General next to Innerland Parking.

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