What about food and drinks in the camping area?

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink into campgrounds.

We have a limit of three cases of either beer, boxes of wine, or liquor bottles per campsite. Remember, no glass allowed and no outside food or drinks in the festival grounds. Just in the campgrounds.

Small campfire stoves/grills that run on propane or charcoal are permitted.

Beyond the food in the festival grounds, we’ll have Des Moines Dirty Dogs available for purchase just outside the Shuttle Pickup/Drop Off after the headliners each night. Grab a bite before you head to the Campfire Stage.

There is also a 24-hour Taco Shack located between Gold and Silver Parking as well as a Burrito Wagon in the mornings (breakfast only), traveling between Kind and Bronze Camping.

On Saturday and Sunday starting at 9AM, head into the festival grounds to the Hinterland Café, located next to Hinterkids, for some delectable breakfast options, drinks, and live music. Enter from the West Exit (just north of the Shuttle Pick-Up Drop-Off) during this time. You will need your festival wristband to enter. The box office opens at 9AM on Saturday and Sunday. Please note: during normal festival hours, you won’t be able to enter from the West Exit.

Pick up any odds and ends you may have forgotten at home (including wood, ice and beer-to-go) at the general store.

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