How and when do I check in/out to the campgrounds?

Upon arrival, follow the signs to your designated parking lot. Get information on parking passes here.

Show your parking pass to the attendant. After parking, check in with the camping host for your designated camping area to exchange your pass for a camping wristband. Then, it’s first-come, first-serve for setting up your tent.

Tent Campgrounds and Parking Lots – Check-in is available between 9AM-8PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

RV and Reserved Camping – Avoid the peak travel times! Check-in is now available — for RV and Reserved Camping only — on Thursday, August 5 from 9AM-8PM. You may also opt to check-in between 9AM-8PM on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Glamping – Check-in is available between 10AM-8PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

All campers and RVs must exit before Noon on Monday.

RE-ENTRY: You may leave and re-enter the parking lots, except there is no re-entry of RVs allowed.

Transporting Gear
All tent campers will need to transport their gear from their vehicle. Due to safety concerns there will not be drop off zones. If your parking pass is not located next to your camping area, please plan accordingly. Wagons are allowed in the campgrounds. If you require special assistance, please let the parking attendant know and we’ll notify our ADA team to help you.

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