How do I register my wristband for cashless?

Make your weekend easier by paying all festival vendors with a tap of your wristband. (drinks, food, crafts, etc.)

How To:
– Go to
– Create your Ronin cashless profile
– Finalize by creating a PIN & entering your credit/debit card
– You will link your wristband when you make your first transaction on the grounds!

Making your First Purchase:
Make your first transaction at the festival by tapping your wristband and entering your phone number and pin to officially link your Ronin account to your wristband. After that, you are ready to go purchase with your wristband as you please throughout the weekend.

Extra Tips:
– If you have trouble creating a Ronin profile, just head to our Box Office for support!
– Only have cash? You’ll be able to load it onto your wristband on-site.
– If all else fails, you can still use a credit/debit card instead of a wristband for payments.

For the greater good of quick moving lines, register your wristband for cashless today!

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