Parking as a Camper

Every vehicle entering Hinterland requires the purchase of a parking pass or campsite. See details below on where to park if you are camping based on your campground or campsite.

Outerland, Innerland, and VIP Parking Lots require a separate purchase from your festival admission ticket to allow your vehicle entry into said lot. Camping in these parking lots is prohibited. If a parking pass sells out you can hop on the waitlist to be the first in line if any spots open up. *3-Day General Parking passes will be allowed to park in Outerland if you are planning to camp. *

SAINTS and Glamping Parking is included with the purchase of these festival admission tickets. One parking spot is included per order so if you’d like to purchase additional parking spots you can hop on the VIP Parking waitlist.

Car Camping Campsites – Includes parking for one vehicle within your 20’ x 20’ campsite. Vehicle must be parked along the perimeter of your plot.

RV Campsites – Each RV Campsite includes a Companion Vehicle Parking Pass for in and out use. If you bring a car, it must fit within your RV campsite and these parking passes will be issued at RV Check-In.

Parking Pass Stickers
Parking pass window stickers are required to enter the parking lots. If you don’t physically have your sticker, you MUST go to the Box Office before entering a parking lot to pick up your activated parking pass sticker.

Put your sticker on the inside of your driver’s side front windshield to allow our team to quickly check it upon arrival.

Vehicle re-entry to parking lots is allowed during daylight hours only. No re-entry for RVs.

Make sure you check out our map to know which turn in to make. Follow the signs for the parking lot you purchased a pass for.

Once you arrive at your respective lot, you’ll be welcomed by our Camp Experience Team. They’ll check to make sure your vehicle has a window sticker, and that everyone in the vehicle has the correct wristband on. You’ll then be given any pertaining info to your specific campgrounds and directed to your parking space. From there you can start unloading your gear and start setting up! Gear drop-off will not be allowed, gear must be transported from your parking space.

Walk-in tent campgrounds (Outerland, Innerland, VIP, SAINTS) after parking you’ll load up your gear (pro tip: a wagon is a great idea!) and walk to the entrance of your campground to show your festival wristband.

Campgrounds with designated sites (Car, RV, Glamping) will be assigned upon arrival. If you want a site next to your friends, please plan to arrive at the same time.

– Outerland GA, Innerland GA+, VIP Campground and Car Camping check-in hours: 9am-7pm Friday-Sunday
– RV, Glamping, and SAINTS Campground check-in hours: 9am-7pm Thursday-Sunday
– All campers must exit by Noon Monday

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