What are your tips for keeping cool during the festival?

  • Hydrate! Bring an empty insulated water bottle (or water jugs if you are camping) and fill regularly.  In addition to the added spigots at the water stations around the grounds (View the map), festival goers can bring two sealed water bottles.
  • Besides a refillable bottle or sealed water bottles, consider bringing: sunblock, sun hat, cooling towel, misting fan bottle, and a handheld fan.
  • Take frequent breaks and hang out in our Waycool Fanning Area by the Craft Vendors.
  • Campers, bring coolers and ice with you. Ice will also be available for purchase at the General Store by the Box Office (8am to Midnight daily) or by the 24-Hour Taco Stand by Innerland Camping.
  • If you aren’t feeling well, please seek medical attention. First aid stations are located within festival grounds, outside the main entrance, and by Innerland Camping. If you need immediate assistance or if you see someone in trouble tell any Hinterland staff member.

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