What is the waitlist?

If you previously joined a waitlist, please note that we will not be opening up more tickets for the following types: VIP, Saints, Glamping, Gold/Silver Tent Camping, Gold/Silver RV, Reserved Camping, Gold/Silver/Bronze Parking.

If this impacts you, there are three options available:

Stay on the waitlist in case someone else cancels.
You may choose to stay on the waitlist in the chance that another attendee cancels their order. However, that’s the only chance your order would get fulfilled.

Remove yourself from the waitlist and purchase another ticketing type.
You can remove yourself at any time if your order has not yet been fulfilled. Simply log into your Tixr account, click on Waitlist, find the ticketing type you want to remove and click “Remove me from Waitlist”. Then purchase another ticketing type that is available. You can do this for your entire order or only certain ticketing types.

Stay on the waitlist and purchase another ticketing type.
You are welcome to stay on the waitlist in case another attendee cancels and still purchase another ticketing type. If your original waitlist order ends up getting fulfilled, you may request a refund of your new order by emailing realperson@hinterlandiowa.com. For example, you are on the waitlist for 2 VIP passes and decide to purchase 2 GA tickets. If in one month your VIP pass order is fulfilled, you can email us to request a refund of your 2 GA tickets.

Find more info on the waitlists here: tixr.com/waitlist/faq.

If you have additional questions, email us at realperson@hinterlandiowa.com. Please note that it may take some time for us to get back to you. Your fastest course of action is to follow one of the above options.

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