Thank you, Hinterlanders, for a wonderful weekend of dancing, singing, and being cool. Keep taking good care of each other and take it easy until next time!

Exiting the festival

Hinterlanders, with the rains we had today the ground is soft. Please take extra precaution as you are exiting and make sure you help your neighbor get out safely as well. If you are unable to exit, you can leave your car in the parking lot overnight. The shuttles to Des Moines are available until Midnight for free.

Get your 2023 Hinterland merch

Guys, have you gotten your Hinterland 2023 fits yet? Head to the Hinterland merch tents for some souvenirs today.

Shopping? At a music festival?

Yeah, that’s right. In case you haven’t noticed, there are many wonderful craft vendors on the western hill of the festival grounds and you should definitely go check ’em out! Buy yourself a souvenir, grab a gift for your nephew or pick up a favorite album on vinyl. Here’s the full list of vendors.

Hinterkids is happenin’!

Hey family folks, come on over to Hinterkids if your kids are ready to do some collaborative mural painting, plus check out the schedule for the rest of the day!

Solo Stretches and Hinterland Brunch

Good morning, campers! Unfortunately our yoga instructor is no longer able to join us this morning, so instead of yoga at 9:30am — have a morning stretch and head over to brunch at the Hinterland Cafe for music and a bevy!