Visit the Silent Auction

Hinterlanders, check out the silent auction benefiting the amazing Iowa Alliance for Arts Education. It features items from Phoebe Bridgers, Nathaniel Rateliff, Lake Street Dive, Lucy Dacus, Joe Pera, Jesse Daniel & more!

Bids are accepted until 7pm — find it along the south side of the fence, near Montana Mike’s.

The Hinterland Code of Conduct

It’s the perfect time to remind everyone of the Hinterland code:

Being a welcoming community for all Hinterlanders is one of our primary goals. As a guest at Hinterland, we ask you to actively work with us to create an enjoyable and accepting atmosphere for everyone. This includes speaking up when you witness unacceptable behavior.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to: race, color, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, and disability status.

Offensive behavior includes, but is not limited to:

      • Acts of physical assault or battery
      • Verbal abuse
      • Racial or ethnic slurs
      • Groping, sexual assault, or unwanted sexual remarks
      • Stalking
      • Threatening language

Any individuals or groups found in violation of this policy may have their Hinterland pass revoked.

If you feel you’ve been harassed, or feel unsafe, please visit the Box Office or talk Hinterland staff or security.

Heat update

With the expected temperatures on Saturday, staying hydrated will be essential. In addition to the added spigots at the water stations around the grounds, festival goers can bring two sealed water bottles. Vendors located around the festival grounds and campgrounds, including Dollar General, will also have water for sale to bring in as well.

Be sure to bring an empty insulated water bottle (or water jugs if you are camping) and fill regularly. We’ve added additional spigots to the free water refilling stations around the grounds.

What else to bring: two sealed water bottles, sunblock, sun hat, cooling towel, misting fan bottle, and a handheld fan.

Cool off by stopping by the Waycool Fanning Area near the craft vendors or come by the first aid cooling stations around the festival grounds.

If you aren’t feeling well, please seek medical attention. First aid stations are located within festival grounds, outside the main entrance, and by Innerland Camping (view map). If you need immediate assistance or if you see someone in trouble tell any Hinterland staff member.

Campers, bring coolers and ice into the campgrounds with you. Ice will also be available for purchase at the General Store by the Box Office (8am to Midnight daily) or by the 24-Hour Taco Stand by Innerland Camping.

Saturday Brunch Update

Ethridge Netz will now be playing tomorrow at 9am during brunch at Hinterland Cafe.  Rachel Brooks is unfortunately no longer able to perform at her originally scheduled time.  View set times.


We’ve added more water refilling spigots to the water station at the top of the hill. We appreciate your patience as we work to speed up the line.