We’ve added more water refilling spigots to the water station at the top of the hill. We appreciate your patience as we work to speed up the line.

Morning, Camp Hinterland!

Campers, you may like to check out the food options for this morning — and don’t forget that music by Summer Dean starts at the Hinterland Cafe at 9am. Yoga is on at 9:30am by the Campfire Stage and you can pick up any goods need at the General Store starting at 8am. We’ll see you when gates open at 2pm!

Showers update

Heads up, campers on the latest and greatest shower info: Showers are located next to the Non-Powered RV Campground (view map). A shuttle to the showers will run from 5am-2pm on Fri.-Sun.

Showers are $7, CARD ONLY. Shower Hours: 5pm-1am Thursday, 5am-1am Friday, Saturday, Sunday.