Here’s some helpful info for new Hinterlanders arriving on Day 3.

Joining us for the first time today? We can’t wait to share this amazing Sunday with you — check through the info below for some tips upon arrival, and we’ll see you soon!

Avoid peak traffic times. Traffic may be busiest around 4-6pm and exiting the festival.

Driving: Get information on parking here.

Shuttles: Take the shuttle from Des Moines.

Ride-share/drop-offs: Here’s where you can be dropped off.

Festival Entry: Exchange your ticket for a wristband.

Map: View the festival grounds map.

Camping: Here’s all the info on what to do when you arrive.

Heads up, there will be metal detectors and bag checks upon entry. We want to ensure safety and security for all attendees!

View the FAQs for any other questions

The Campfire Stage is ON.

Trevor Sensor is first, then Southbound, the Allman Brothers Tribute band. See ya there!

Photo: Frankie Perrin


Another unbelievably fun day in the books. Thank you.

Photo: Dronography Iowa

Grab beer to-go.

Campers, as you head “home” to your tents, stop by the Beer Tent near the festival entrance and pick up a six-pack to go! Coors Light, PBR, Blue Moon and All Day IPA can be purchased individually for one token ($7) or 6-packs are available to-go for $25.

There’s also the Backwoods General Store (located outside the festival grounds, next to the Box Office). Pick up any odds and ends you may have forgotten at home. Open 9AM-2AM.