Can I buy tickets from a third party website or an individual?

We don’t encourage or facilitate the resale of tickets. Please exercise extreme caution when buying or selling tickets on third party websites or from individuals.

Please be aware that scammers often try to sell invalid tickets on Craigslist, Marketplace, and social posts by fake accounts. We highly recommend not buying from any third-party sources.

The only trusted tickets to Hinterland are ones you purchase directly on our official ticketing platform, Tixr <> (or Verve from an Ambassador, or Eventbrite if you purchased in 2020). Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for third-party resale tickets. If you do decide to purchase elsewhere, it’s recommended to only buy from trusted friends or a company that guarantees the ticket, such as Stubhub.

Wondering if you can sell your ticket? Find info here.

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