Are there shuttles?


Des Moines Shuttle
From Val Air Ballroom (301 Ashworth Road, West Des Moines) to the festival grounds. Running throughout the entire festival.

Purchase a 3-Day Des Moines Shuttle pass for unlimited rides at No single day passes are available. The shuttle is free for VIP and SAINTS Pass holders. Shuttle passes will not be shipped to you. Upon arrival you’ll get your digital ticket scanned.

Friday, Aug. 4 – 1pm – Midnight
Saturday, Aug. 5 – 9am – Midnight
Sunday, Aug. 6 – 10am – Midnight

Parking Lot Shuttle
From the Parking Lots to the festival entrance. Free.

Friday, Aug. 4 – 1:45pm – Midnight
Saturday, Aug. 5 – 9:45am – Midnight
Sunday, Aug. 6 – 10:45am – Midnight

Shower Shuttle
Will run from VIP/Glamping/Powered RV to the showers from 5am-2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

ADA Accommodations
The Des Moines Shuttle will have buses in rotation that have ADA accommodations. If you need to use the Parking Lot Shuttle or Shower Shuttle, please see a staff member or ADA Parking Lot attendant for assistance.

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