A safe music getaway in the Hinterland

Our priority is to provide a safe, responsible experience for everyone involved at Hinterland.

We continue to use recommendations from the CDC and health officials to guide our safety measures. This includes expanding the festival and camping footprint to allow for social distancing, placing sanitation stations throughout the grounds, increasing food vendors and restrooms, providing advance check-in to reduce lines, and adding additional entrance and exit points.

Based on the latest updates from the CDC, masks should continue to be worn at large outdoor events for individuals who are not vaccinated. Thus, we strongly recommend unvaccinated attendees wear a mask at all times. If anyone (vaccinated or unvaccinated) has been experiencing COVID symptoms, we ask that they stay home.

Hinterland 2021 is only possible with all attendees committing to safety. Please be prepared to be mindful and respectful of those around you.